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Heading 5

The Bar

This is where it all happens. The nerve center so to speak. The planning, the strategies. Where your next days activities all start to come together. Tony, your host will be floating around and assist you in organising exactly what you want for your next day on the slopes. Lessons, bang, done. Where is the powder? Weather check has been made and you will get a clue only to be told that the final decision will be made in the morning. This is the most important part of our job, so as to secure you the best day on the mountain tomorrow and this is the best spot in the hotel to do it.

Wine from across the globe with an ever evolving list. We got the ball rolling in Hakuba for good wines without  compromise. International and local wines that epitomise what we desire. Sommelliers, Charles Lawrence, Gregory Hendriks, Richard Cohen and Mick nippard have all been a part of the evolution over the years to ensure our guests have a great wine experience


Asahi Super Dry on tap in an icy cold glass. It's good. We also serve up the local Hakuba Pale Ale on tap as well as a number of other favourites. The beer at the White Horse is always going to be good..

Life is too short for cheap booze. Let's take it to the next level with a great range of premium spirits and cocktails and at a great price. 

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