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All of the rooms at the White Horse have their own vanity room and toilet. Just so you are not surprised on arrival we have traditional Japanese onsen style baths that can be booked for private bathing which is a great way to finish off a day on the mountain. If this is you first time to Japan then you are in for a treat. Bath time here is your time to relax and calm yourself with soothing natural water. Ours is straight from the mountain and is one of the purest you'll find. There are many outside public onsens around also with geothermal waters which are amazing to go to when it is snowing. Ours are private so you do not need to bathe with others if you are not comfortable with that aspect of the culture but at least you get to experience it. I know some of the younger kids treat it like pool time and are happy to splash around and have a lot of fun. For the parents once you get the kids out it means you can sit back and relax with a bottle of champagne and enjoy the peace.

The very popularHighlands Onsen is just 10 minutes from the White Horse Hotel

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